Is it Safe? Amnesia: The Dark Descent

All I can say about this game is, Oh my god! Seriously, my girlfriend had beaten this game before me and that was because she was determined, though not as level headed as me. I guess that even though I was all alone in the Castle Brennenburg I had a hand to hold all of the way through to the end, only because I had Hannah telling me where to go and helping me! I can safely say I doubt I would’ve beaten this game as fast without her if not at all! Though she beat it before me, I beat it faster for obvious reasons.

Anyway, you’re probably questioning yourself as to where the hell Castle Brennenburg is and what game I am talking about aren’t you? Well then, I am talking about Lux Tenebras or what is now commonly known as Amnesia: The Dark Descent, A spiffing horror survival game made by Frictional Games, the evil masterminds behind the Penumbra series.

Amnesia is set in Brennenburg Castle, Prussia, Home to the Baron Alexander who has made it his sole duty to help you discover the mysteries of your past. You are Daniel of Mayfair, suffering from Amnesia you awake from being unconscious to find a note from yourself, it explains how you have come to being alone in the dark, eerie halls of Brennenburg Castle and what you must do to survive and escape. Along your journey you discover more of your past and secrets darker than the halls you’ve walked, you meet the grotesque creature known as collectors who patrol the halls and rooms of Brennenburg Castle in search of you, you also meet a limbless, jawless fellow named Agrippa who requires your help so that you he can help you!

The start of Amnesia’s main storyline is a little groggy; you see a short video of yourself clambering down the hall ways of Brennenburg, while you plod on you hear Daniel talking roughly about how you ended up in this mess and what you must do to get out of it, you then awake in a room alone.

The purpose of the game is purely working your way around various puzzles and mazes whilst dodging the collectors and their painful attacks, sometimes you maybe required for you to trudge back and forth getting certain ingredients or equipment in order to complete puzzles or unlock areas, some parts require you to get up close and personal with the collectors, some parts even trigger their arrival.

The whole game has a whole spooky feel; no matter how prepared you are before playing you will always be on edge from the minute you set off.  Doors fly open, things fall over and gruesome tumours appear all over the place! If you follow the short video reviews of Zero Punctuation and have seen his Amnesia review, he describes the tumours as “Jam pouring out of the walls!” which looking at how they appear would seem more fitting, since watching his review I can’t actually look at them seriously anymore.

I think that if you are a fan of games that scare the bagabers out of you then Amnesia: The Dark Descent is totally for you; here’s a short video of how some people react to the handsome collectors chasing you.

I personally love Amnesia: The Dark Descent and what makes it better is that it has a menu for custom stories where you can download and play other peoples games, some often using the standard resources of the game and some look like a completely different game, me and Hannah love to play a custom story called Dark Room which is amazingly funny. The game on first play through can take quite some time to complete but it still keeps its integrity and can still spook you like crazy. Another special quality about Amnesia is that it has three different endings and depending on your actions can change, I personally have only completed it once and the ending I got was deciduously easy and somewhat disappointing, I will be getting through the other endings when I have time and I will be issuing an update blog to tell you all how it goes, for now though I urge you to get yourself a copy through Steam, if you’re lucky enough you may find a hard copy in one of your game stores.

That’s all from me this week, expect to see a new review same time next week. Bye bye!

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