Radiant Defense

Welcome back! Today I am going to be reviewing a fun little game for any iOS, Android or Windows Phone device you can get your dirty little fingers on, if you’re interested then search Radiant Defense on whatever App store you use!

Now I don’t usually enjoy Tower Defense games, but when I do they’re usually better than the average roster of Tower Defense games out there, which to be honest is very, very few. In fact I don’t usually like Tower Defense games as I find them extremely boring, but there is something about Radiant Defense I just love, maybe it’s the range of different being you have to fight off, or maybe it’s the style… I don’t know. I think now I will talk about it a little, well only if you want me to.

Radiant Defense is probably the best Tower Defense style game I’ve played ever, set in the world of Hexage’s Radiant HD but less of a retro style and more of a cartoon style. With over 300 waves of Aliens to blast through with any of the 9 weapons you have strategically placed around the map and upgraded. The thing I enjoyed about Radiant Defense is its graphics, the whole game looks awesome, the soundtrack is awesome and best of all, and the game is free to play with add-on packs you can purchase in game.

The weapons are set out in a little tool bar at the bottom of the screen, all weapons are upgradeable and there is three super weapons to use to your advantage if you have the cash to buy them. Some weapons you can’t build until you have a research unit out in the field, which at the cost of 200C you should think of getting at the beginning of the level while the waves are easy to burn through.

Let’s just say that Hexage have probably mastered Tower Defense with this mobile title, so well that even I enjoy it and I’ve purchased all of the add-on packs too! I have already festered too many hours playing it and I only play games on my phone when I have free time or can’t be bothered to play my consoles or PC.  I totally recommend Radiant Defense to anyone who enjoys tower defense games and it’s free so who can complain at that?

Here’s some screen shots for you to enjoy, courtesy of Hexage’s Radiant Defense website!


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