SNES: Starwing

Ahhh, the joys of interplanetary space combat, fighting to rid the galaxy of Andross!

If you’ve never played a Star Fox game before then I’ll let you in on some free knowledge. Starwing was the first ever Starwing game and it was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993 and was produced by the one and only Shigeru Miyamoto and designed and published by Nintendo and Argonaut Software.

268285-10-star-foxThe game was only named Starwing in Europe to dodge a law suit as there was a claim that a game called Star Fox was already out in Europe called Star Fox for the Atari 2600 but was only trademarked in Europe. Starwing was the very first Nintendo game to feature three dimensional polygon technologies which is still used even now, but not for long with the new Atom technology which will be on the way soon, but back to the game. Starwing’s 3D was only made possible through the SuperFX chip that was installed into every Starwing and Star Fox cartridge to work alongside the systems built in CPU, rather nifty.

Starwing is what’s known as a rail-shooter game where you play as Fox McCloud, leader of a team of fearless… animal and creatures, I mean anthropomorphic animals under the control of General Pepper (Totally nothing to do with the Beatles song Sergeant Pepper) and are sworn to protect the galaxy from the evil mad scientist/Emperor Andross who is trying to take complete control of the Lylat system.

The user interface is simple enough to get your head around and features a third and first person point of view, the controls are relatively simple too which makes this game all the better. All you have to do stay alive and destroy anything that dares cross your path. Killing things is made easier with the occasional power-ups you collect during each mission, the only problem is that these are sometimes hard to spot and can be easily missed when collected in the first person mode. Flight is relatively easy and made even easier with the shoulder buttons which when pressed turn your ship on its side, this can also be used as a way to dodge any incoming attacks, also the yellow and blue buttons can be used to speed up or slow down which can also come in useful when avoiding things. There is a good few levels for you to fight your way through which each has their own boss fight where you team mates always weed out and leave you for dead, but with enough thought these boss battles can be made very easy and lots of fun.

I bought my copy of Starwing off of eBay for a couple of pounds and love it, it’s in great condition but rattles a little more than other SNES games I’ve owned in the past and there is a little bit of discolouration on the very back of the cartridge but that should come off easy, it plays really well and doesn’t crash so I’m pleased, if your big on SNES then you should buy this for your collection, even if you don’t like games like Starwing it will still look good in your collection.

Thanks for reading my review on Starwing. Stay tuned for more reviews and news from Insert-Controller!

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