Metal Gear Rising: Our Thoughts on the Demo.


Last night I turned on my Xbox360 and noticed the lovely ad for the new Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance demo so I decided to download it and give it a try. I don’t know about you guys but giving Raiden his own game and making it a hack and slash didn’t sound like the greatest of ideas, and thinking in this frame of mind I have neglected to show much interest in Metal Gear Rising since it’s announcement. Today while starting Skyrim all over again, a message popped up telling me that Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has finished downloading, it took me a while to remember that I put it on download and at first I thought that my Xbox was possessed or something, I decided to leave it until I got bored of playing Skyrim which honestly wasn’t that long after, I just couldn’t continue playing because I felt dirty joining the Imperial Legion. I turned Skyrim off and looked through my library for a game to play when I noticed the Metal Gear Rising demo, and again I was confused at where it came from but realised once more that it was me, I then thought “To hell with it, let’s try it!” and booted it up.

While waiting for the unskipable Konami and Platinum screens to stop fading in and out, I finally got to the menu screen which I must say looks pretty cool, but I realised very quickly that it will become very tedious every time I boot the game up when I have the full release, nevertheless I started a new game and played through the tutorial.

The tutorial left too much unknown in my opinion, the only thing it had shown me was how to use what they call Blade Mode which is basically the same as what Dead Eye is to Red Dead Redemption, all it does is slow time so that you can manually and gracefully chop off heads. I had completed what I thought was the first section of the tutorial but then a cut scene started up and I realised that this was it, I was in the game and things were about to get very complicated very fast as I didn’t know what the heck I was doing.

Before the cut scene started I noticed that a message had popped up exclaiming that Revengeance was set four years after Guns of the Patriots, I only managed to read that far and then the controller fell off my lap onto the floor and I missed everything else there was to read. I was left very confused by that message because of the ending to MGS4 where Raiden is back in Jack mode and is with Rose and his son, John.  Raiden told Rose he was done running when she told him the hidden plot behind her marriage to Campbell so that the Patriots would not be able to use her as leverage. The opening cut scene amused me when one of the characters moved a cup of coffee away from the other while she was flailing her arms as to prevent her from knocking it over, he just moved it so patiently and carefully and she seemed so shocked by that, I don’t know why but it really did amuse me, other than this the cut scene didn’t tell me much about what has happened, not even how Raiden got back into action after hanging up his leotard and bitch heels.

When I finally got in to the gameplay I was shocked at the amount of detail and how smooth it was running which I love to see in games, there’s just something about a consistent frame rate that make me happy. Movement was similar to that of Platinum’s other hack and slash, Bayonetta, which is also similar to the movement of Devil May Cry (Do you see where I’m going with this?), realising this I felt at home with the movement system and was like a pro in seconds, that was of course until I climbed a stair case and entered my first real combat. After having had completed the tutorial I only knew how to engage Blade Time and how to use it,  I didn’t know you could lock on, how to throw grenades, use weapons or replenish lost health. I started button mashing hoping to god I could figure out which button was which and what they did, eventually I figured out enough to kick some ass and cut a car in half!

I’d moved on through the level and was starting to get the hang of the controls when suddenly a Gecko appeared, I knew that if that thing could talk English it would be saying “I am going to kick your ass!” and that’s exactly what it did, it was around this point that I figured out how to replenish health and choose weapons, and then I died, I reloaded from the last check point and this time it was me doing the ass kicking! I had so much fun kicking the asses of all these PMCs and their reptilian named pals, and then I ventured upon this levels boss.


The boss was a wolf like automaton that had a chainsaw tail and was apparently smarter than any living human being, which was until Raiden asked what the meaning of life was and made him look a fool. When the battle commenced I got in a few lucky shot and then the damned thing pinned me down and chain sawed me in the face! I was getting real good at fighting and then I had to remember how to heal, as I remembered which button it was, Wolf just came up and beat me down with one swipe but luckily I had enough life and time left to replenish my health before he came back for a second try. I whopped that damn calculators ass so hard he called for backup, 3.3 seconds and a mass of bodies later, it came down from its safe place and I kicked its ass some more, then when I had the chance, I finished his ass and cut it in two! If I could have done it, I would’ve just walked off all “Hater’s gonna hate, bitch!” but instead I was subjected to a little cut scene that ended the demo.

I entered the demo with mixed thoughts, mostly wondering why they made a hack and slash under the Metal Gear name and why it’s set after MGS4, but then I remembered the monstrosity that was Metal Gear Acid and then my thoughts where a little higher, how can anything be as bad as Metal Gear Acid?, then again MGA2 wasn’t that bad. I played the tutorial which had honestly ploughed through my ideas of it being better than Metal Gear Acid, slowly though as I started to get used to the controls I realised that it was fast becoming a great game and I was starting to really get into it. By the end of the demo I decided that this was a must have in my collection. I recommend that you go out and download this demo as soon as possible, especially if you aren’t sure if you’ll like it or even positive you won’t like it, at least try it. You will be surprised by how good it is, especially if you’re a fan of Metal Gear Solid and Bayonetta, because it really is like a beautiful love child from the two.

Thanks for reading my first thoughts on the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance demo, I really look forward to this game being released but I won’t be getting it for a while as I am still unemployed. I hope that one day this blog can start bringing in some kind of income, though I’d more than likely spend what income I get from it on a hosting service and turn Insert-Controller into a full website.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is scheduled for release on the 21st of February so stick a note on your calendar if you’re planning on grabbing a copy, I just hope you’ve all been paid by then so that you don’t miss out.

Thanks for coming; I’ve been Scott ‘Friburg’ McCartney. Stay tuned on the Insert-Controller Facebook and Twitter pages for more reviews, news and just plain old ramblings from us here at Insert-Controller.

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