They’re coming! I’m gone. – My review of Killing Floor.

killing-floor-boxart2009 bore witness to the release of many good first-person shooters, though like usual there are always titles that get overlooked. With movies, television and every other form of media dipping there filthy hands into the zombie genre, video games couldn’t help but dip their pinkie fingers in for a little taste. Roughly fifteen titles were released but one in particular had taken a huge step forward in its own very special way. Killing Floor.

Killing Floor is a co-op survival wave based zombie game that originally started out as a full conversion mod for Unreal Tournament 2004 back in 2005, in 2008 the mod was acquired by Tripwire Interactive who in 2009 released it as a full retail version. With the release of Valve’s Left 4 Dead 2 there was no wonder why Killing Floor was over looked, though it didn’t have any trouble finding its way from store shelves to our hearts. We here at Insert-Controller love Killing Floor, we get together on a regular basis to play a couple of matches and altogether we have accumulated over 500 hours of game play.

So what is Killing Floor all about? You ask. Why do we love it so much? You ask. Well stay close, keep up and watch out as we blast our way through this review.

Get used to seeing these guys!

Killing Floor is set in a number of UK based locales in which you and five other survives have either been stranded or dropped off in, your only objective is to fight your way through waves of numb skulled zombie foes. In between each wave is a break in which you visit a trader who has an arsenal of weapons and tools for you to purchase, from ammo to armour, blades to bullets, she just has everything, even the ability to teleport to different locations all over the map and not take on a slightest bit of damage while on the way, on one map she moved a giant boulder with her mind just so you can give her your hard earned cash! Once you’ve fought through all of the waves you will meet the big daddy, The Patriarch. The Patriarch is essentially the biggest, most powerful Zed out there who seeks revenge for the loss of his “children”, equipped with a rocket launcher, mini-gun and a strong back hand, you will have to make sure you are fully equipped and ready to get messy!

The whole zombie outbreak started when Horzine, a biological technology company was contracted to create a perfect soldier, tests and experiments were conducted involving military staff, cloning, genetic modification and other unspeakable things took place, but something went horrifically wrong. The human test subjects began to mutate and lost their minds, losing their human form and looking more like grotesque monsters. Amongst the test subjects was Kevin Clamley, the CEO of Horzine. He requested to be a part of his experiment after things took a turn for the worst, the government closed the project but he had different plans, so confident was he that he chose to have his remaining scientists perform every experiment tested on him to prove its effectiveness. He is now the Patriarch.

Throughout your travels you will meet a wide array of the blood thirsty parasites known as Zeds, some have cloaking abilities, some scream as loud as your mother-in-law and some are just like the average pub-crawler and vomit all over you if you get too close. From crawling to charging you will nearly always find a different goon to shoot the heck out of, or if you’re not so lucky, get shot or munched up by.

In Killing Floor you get to choose one of seven classes, each having their own advantages and disadvantages but can all be improved upon regardless of which you choose to play as.

Logos help navigate the store for weapons associated with you class.

The available classes are as follow:

  • Field Medic
  • Support Specialist
  • Sharpshooter
  • Commando
  • Berserker
  • Firebug
  • Demolition

Each class have weapons and equipment which are exclusive to them but are available to all at the traders, if you want to be a Field Medic but fancy using weapons for Support Specialist, all you have to do is visit a trader and grab a shot gun, it’s as easy as that.

Despite being released in 2009, Killing Floor wasn’t designed with extremely great textures, amazing level design or super high-definition sound, but it was designed with is care. The levels are carefully thought out and planned, forcing the player to constantly move leaving no areas untouched because where there may be no Zeds, there may be a hidden weapon cache, armour or ammunition. You won’t see the same texture used twice in Killing Floor which shows devotion to achieving a nice, well presented environment. The sounds used throughout the game are nice and clear, each gun has a different sound which I find to be a unique thing, especially when each shot sounds different, and it helps to make it feel more realistic. The biggest problem with the sound is the voice actors, there are only around three or four of them across a plethora of different playable characters, while not being a big thing, it just gets a little repetitive hearing the same voice say the same stuff. Everything about Killing Floor looks feels and sounds nice, even with the couple of voice actors.

The unlockable Grim Reaper costume.
The unlockable Grim Reaper costume.

A great thing about Killing Floor is that new content and DLC is added which adds new weapons, characters and maps, some are even free and the ones that do cost are generally cheap which is always a bonus. Every so often events will take place that allow you special access to bonus DLC, to unlock them you merely only have to get some or all achievements from the event, content such as Evil Santa, the Grim Reaper, the Dwarf Axe and many more.

I think if anything we would like to see different kinds of Zeds each map, just different skins or models as it can get a little repetitive seeing the fifty identical creatures crawling towards you. As Hannah plays Killing Floor she only has the option to play as the only female character which got me thinking that they need to include more female characters, maybe a kick ass all female DLC pack or something. Oh and one more thing, Killing Floor definitely needs more voice actors so we don’t here the same drone on all of the time.

Would we recommend Killing Floor? Yes we would, you should definitely get on Steam and grab yourself a copy right now! It’s only £14.99 and worth every penny. If you’d rather play with your friends, why not buy the six-pack for £74.95?

We are hoping that one day we will get a sequel of Killing Floor, one of which will build upon the already solid foundations that have been set by the current version, maybe one that will spread out from PC and take to next-gen consoles.

It was fun having you all, but you’re on your own for now.

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