Kicking Ass On Stygia! – My review of BulletStorm

BulletStorm 200x200From the depths of Stygia I bring you my latest review, Profanity! Woops, I mean BulletStorm! Yes, the game that had all of us kicking our enemies into deadly structures and talking about killing penises. BulletStorm has been in my collection now since my birthday last year, only I’ve not given it a proper try, yet while skimming through the spines of my collection I noticed this games title glowing amongst the rest, it appealed to everything I wanted from a game at that moment, so in my Xbox it went.

So if like me, you completely overlooked BulletStorm, you’ll not know much about it. This is where I come in!




In BulletStorm you play as Grayson Hunt, the leader of a bunch of ex-military mercenaries known as Dead Echo, alongside you is Ishi Sato, fellow squaddie and occasional blue screen of death. Together, Grayson and Ishi are on the run from the Confederate Military, those of which they had abandoned ten years ago after discovering the truth behind their squad’s missions. In a drunken turn of events, Grayson happens upon his old Star General’s battle cruiser, the Ulysses, and decides to get some payback and crashes his ship into them causing them both to crash land on Stygia, a derelict planet resort filled with mutated convicts and carnivorous plant-life. In the crash Ishi becomes wounded and nearly dies, in an effort to keep him alive they attempt a dangerous but lifesaving operation which fails before it completes, leaving Ishi part man, part machine fighting for ownership of his mind from the AI which has been implanted within him.

While fighting their way through the military and the local rabble, you come across Trishka, a soldier of the Confederate who is stranded and trying to get off the planet with the others from the Ulysses crash, she becomes a member of your squad after striking a deal with Gray and an emotionally imbalanced IshI. Together, you uncover the secrets of your past and make your way on board an escape pod and leave Stygia to its demise.




Like most FPS games, BulletStorm is pretty much standard, conforming to the usual twin analogue sticks or WASD/Mouse for the PC version. Gameplay is quite linear and comprised of an objective based strategy in order to progress through the many chapters.

One thing totally unique to BulletStorm is its combat, featuring a score for each kill made based from how brutal the player makes it, with items like the Leash and Gravity Boots, the player can combine attacks to further increase their score which can later be used to purchase ammo and upgrades from drop kits.

Like other titles from Epic Games, BulletStorm has a small yet varied arsenal of weapons for the player to choose from, whether it is a standard rifle or a rocket powered drill launcher, a Sniper Rifle or a four barrel shotgun. You may only carry four weapons at once with the occasional use of a Chaingun which only is dropped when changing weapons or once its power is depleted. Changing your load out is as simple as merely accessing a drop kit and assigning the weapon of your choice to which ever direction on the D-PAD you chose.

The enemies of BulletStorm are very reminiscent of those seen in both Unreal Tournament 3 and the Gears of War series, some faster than others, some that only use melee and others that have the big rocket powered drill launcher, the Penetrator. Each enemy have different qualities to them, so can dodge your kicks, others can remove themselves from your leash before you have the chance to drag them in, some have heavy armour which requires special attacks. You don’t know what you can come across on the world of Stygia, from carnivorous plant-life to a Godzilla-like creature so aptly named Waggleton P. Tallylicker.




The graphics or BulletStorm are really nice a clean with very few low quality textures visible, the world is beautiful and brightly coloured as expected from a holiday resort planet, only a little bit devastated from the years of fighting and mutations ransacking the place. The effects in BulletStorm are great, even just overcharging you weapons looks great, explosions look great, even kicking an enemy into a cactus and blowing them up looks great.

Wrap It Up



I personally love BulletStorm, it’s something different and stands out from the crowd. Since its release it’s had nothing but bad reviews, most of which have been mostly centred on the creative yet over used profanity. I like BulletStorm for its interesting mechanics and gameplay, it makes you think of different ways to score better points with each kill, and it’s not just a Kill and Assist system like most FPS games on the market. I found the story line to be too linear and lacked direction, just keep running and shooting. I prefer a little exploration but every time I moved more than five meters from Ishi he’d cry for daddies hand again, then I’d get back to him and he’d complain. Having Ishi as a companion kind of made the game bland, his monotone voice and dullness just bores me.

Would I recommend BulletStorm? Well that depends on what you like, if you’re  the kind of person who loves a good story then it would maybe be best to steer clear of. If you’re like me and you like a somewhat decent story with some awesome features and interesting mechanics, then this game would be awesome for you. If you like to shoot things then this game has everything you need, lots of enemies and tons of bullets to fire.

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