My Response To A Survey From Microsoft About How They Can Improve Windows 11

At first glance, the new UI looks very smooth and sleek, but that’s where it ends.

The new Start Menu is very poor. The fact that you can turn off recommendations but the area stays is not good, it makes a waste of space even more of a waste of space for someone who doesn’t use the recommendations section. The Start Menu in Windows 10 is far superior, allowing full customization of the Start Menu with tiles and widgets was perfect for someone like me that uses the Start Menu for quick access to favorite programs, and the widgets are great for a glance at the weather or news. Windows 11 stripped the whole experience out and ruined it. I don’t understand why the Start Menu has been moved to the middle.

When I noticed that the icons for the standard Windows programs had been updated to a sleek new style, I was hopeful that the programs (Notepad, Calculator, etc.) had also received an update. Please update your software.

Word Pad should be the default text editor instead of Note Pad by now. Having a lightweight text editor is great, but Word Pad has formatting options and can be used to write a full essay with no issues. A lot of people I know do not even know about Word Pad. Don’t get me wrong, Note Pad is great for incredibly basic text editing, such as making .BAT files, but an average user does not do such things, they want to be able to edit text.

Bring back the Control Panel and stop linking to the terrible Settings App.

Setting default programs should not be such a difficult chore. Not everyone wants to use Edge as their default Internet Browser, and constantly barraging your customers with notifications that Edge is better and more secure is unfair, confuses, and removes the freedom of choice in Windows 11.

I like the login screen, it is very simple and clean, but please stop forcing customers to sign in with a Microsoft Account. Working in IT, this is a constant problem my customers have when returning to their computers post-update, their sign-in password is now not working, but they can sign in to their Microsoft Account on other computers with no issues. Again, constantly requesting your customers to sign in with a Microsoft account confuses them as they do not understand why it is “more secure” or “safer.” If a customer wants a Local Account then they should be free to do so without having to jump through hoops.

The simplified Context Menus in Explorer are terrible.

An easy Simple or Advance option during setup and the option to switch between in Settings would be a good idea. Simple would be the default Windows 11 experience, and Advanced would be more like Windows 10 with the standard Context Menus, Tiled Start Menu, more use of Control Panel.

Windows 11 feels like a school diorama of Windows 10, missing a lot of details and features but somehow having a familiar experience. It feels rushed, half-finished, and a shadow of its former self.

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