Zone of the Enders HD Collection

A couple of years back I had posted an article on the old BlogSpot version of Insert Controller. The article was about the speculation of there being a Metal Gear Solid HD remake, and in the article I mentioned a few titles I would have liked to have their own, amongst them was Zone of... Continue Reading →

A Video Game Unlike Any Other. Hardwar.

Hardwar was released in 1998 and was developed by a British game studio called Software Refinery which was based in Leeds, Yorkshire, published by Gremlin Interactive. Some of the graphics in the game were developed by The Designers Republic who also worked on another of my favourite games, Wipeout. The soundtrack in Hardwar is one... Continue Reading →


Today is turn for Insert-Controller’s first ever retro review and it’s not going to be the usual retro games like Super Mario Bros. Or Legend of Zelda, more like the isometric racer, RC Pro AM. RC Pro AM is a competitive combat racer developed by Rare Ltd in 1988 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)... Continue Reading →

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